No Love on the Battlefield

Posted: December 16, 2010 in My Thoughts

I’m on the left, staring at another part of me that continues to battle with me everyday. Who ever said losing weight was easy to do? No matter how you look at my pictures, it took sacrifice and hard work. This is an everyday battle. When you lose weight, you will still be faced with the many challenges as someone who is trying to lose weight. I face this challenge everyday. In fact, my weight goes up and down. One day I’m skinny, and the next I’ve gained 20+ pounds. It’s starting to become an annually ritual for me to gain and lose weight. It’s starting to become my own tradition.

My everyday battle to continue to be an inspirational weightloss hero seems kind of fatal at times. Like superman, I have my own kryptonite to fight. Besides, I’m human. Sometimes I feel like saying the hell with it all and just throw in the towel. Then I think about you, and the people that looked up to me for what I’ve done in the health industry. I begin to think about myself as well. I know personally I would be dissatisfied with myself and the way I look. Besides, why would I just want to throw all that hard work down the drain?

I’ll put up this battle and I’ll continue to fight. This is my battle and my war. During the process, I’m inspiring you to continue your own battle as well. Lets do this together. But now I’m faced with my next challenge. On November 10, 2010, my life changed a little as I took on a new job. I began driving 18-wheelers. It’s a whole different type of job than what I went to school for but for now, it’s a job I need that pays good money that will help me clear a little debt if not all. I’ve been traveling along the long highway roads for almost two months now. It’s like living in a totally different world. Certainly, if you’re looking to gain weight, this is the perfect job because all you basically do is drive, eat and sleep. I always did say that the human body and mind is a very funny thing to learn about. I’ve learn quite a great deal about the body mentally and physically.

The 18-wheeler gig plays with you mentally. If you think it’s easy then try going and sitting in a semi truck for a month or so and only exit the vehicle when it’s time to use the bathroom or eat. The life of a person driving 18 wheels is a whole book in itself. I remember going to a bar out in Tennessee during my off-time and this old fella said to me, “What do you do for a living?” I told him that I drive 18-wheelers. He replied and asked where is my gut? He informed me that I’m not a certified trucker unless I have a gut. I guess I will never be certified then unless I throw in the towels.

But because I’ve been with a trainer, I’ve been following his schedule. Right now, it’s hard for me to eat a balanced 3-5 meals a day or get a nice morning jog in. Once I’m done with training by the end of this month, I will begin my new experiment. I call it the “Trucker’s Weightloss Experience.” I wonder to myself everyday what am I doing driving a 18-wheeler but I know God’s intentions are good. Maybe I came into the trucking industry to help discover a way truckers can lose weight and still drive a truck. I won’t go off into it too much right now but I figure I’ll test my experiment starting January 1, 2011 by losing the rest of my weight and completing my transformation that I started back in 2008.

If all is successful, I’ll create a trucker’s weightloss website. It will be like a “how-to-lose weight” as a truck driver. Surely, my weightloss plan for truckers could change the whole trucking industry. One thing that’s missing at the truck stops is workout facilities. You can find every fat food in the world at the truck stops but trying to find workout equipment is extinct. Maybe I can get a petition together to have workout facilities placed at truck stops.  But it’s no love on the battlefield. It’s an everyday struggle. If you think it’s going to be easy then you’re fooling yourself. I’m not only in this game to win it, I’m in it to help change it 🙂


During the process of my weightloss, very few of my friends and family knew what I was doing. Many hadn’t seen me at all. It was as if I went to another planet for a while. I was even missing in action from all internet social networks. I wanted to focus on my goal without any disstractions. Sometimes, people fail on what they want to do because they get disstracted easily. You have to do what’s best for you so that you can accomplish your goals.

I updated my weightloss album on facebook every 2-3 months to inform people of my current process. Then people wouldn’t hear from me until the next update. Each time I updated, comments flooded my pictures, my wall, and inboxes. People wanted to know what exactly I was doing to drop weight so fast, but yet healthy.

As stated before, I lost my first 23 lbs in my first two months of working out, and I lost my first 60 lbs in 7 months. Eventually, I went on to complete 70 lbs within a year’s time. People were amazed at what I was doing and how my body was transitioning. It was my determination to make sure I did my very best so that each updated picture would show a change. There were people inboxing me from all over the world. Some of these people were strangers. It was amazing to me that so many people were inspired by what I was doing.

I hit the streets and met up with some friends after I completed my transformation. Word hit the newspapers fast when everybody saw me for the first time in a very long time. I instantly became some sort of “WeightLoss Hero.” It felt like I had the letters W.L.H. written across my chest with a cape tied around my neck. I will never forget some of the expressions on my friends’ faces. They couldn’t believe their eyes. I was a whole new person to them. I felt like I was on top of the world. All my sacrifices and hard work finally paid off.

 I was cocky indeed. Medical professionals, physicians, personal trainers, etc. couldn’t tell me nothing. I successfully came up with my own workout and eating plan and did it on my own. Along the way, I did a little research and took advice from others. But at the end of the day, I incorporated my own plan. I wanted to be able to say I did it without someone else trying to take the credit. I didn’t take no pills of no sort or have no surgery done. I proved that if you put your mind to something, you can do it all natural.

After finishing the 2009 Detroit Marathon, I definitely knew I could do anything I put my mind to. Besides, how many people you know personally that can run 26 miles? I’ve had personal trainers and professionals ask me how did I lose the weight so successfully and how did I run a marathon. I may not have a certificate behind my whole “weightloss” background experience, but I think you pretty much can agree that I do know what I’m talking about and you can see the proof for yourself with my pictures 🙂

People couldn’t believe how big my gut was. Well, that’s because I used to wear my shirts big attempting to try to hide the fat. It felt good when I went shopping and actually can fit into a small or medium shirt. Another thing to keep in mind about weightloss is that it can become very expensive at first. You have to change your whole wardrobe and buy all new clothes. But in my opinion, this is a good thing.  I rather buy a whole new wardrobe and feel good about myself rather than shopping in the “big” section and feeling bad about the way I look.

Many people told me how inspiring my story is and how I inspire them to want to lose weight. During the most part of year 2010, most people felt like Lois Lane when SuperMan left her to return to his planet. I was quiet for a while and people wondered if I had given up or gained weight again. What happened to Rob? Where is he? For the most part, I was there physically, but not mentally. I went into hiding like Anne Frank in fear of facing the people who had known me as the “Inspirational Weightloss Hero” to the fact that I had gained a few pounds again.

I felt like I let the people down. Most importantly, I felt like I let myself down. I worked so hard for my goal and it was heading down the drain fast. I began to remember the puddles of sweat I used to clean up after my workouts. I began to remember the people who looked up to me. How can I change the world and inspire others if I wasn’t leading by example? I wanted to prove my haters wrong. Some said I would let myself go and get fat again. Some even said that I wasn’t strong enough to even accomplish such a goal. I wanted to keep their words buried so I knew what I had to do.

I got back to my diet August 2010 and lost 25 lbs by October 2010, just 2 short months. Now I’m about 15-18 lbs away from my weight when I first dropped my 70 pounds. But this is my battle, this is my adventure. In the meantime, I will inspire others and guide you all. But each day, I face the same fears, temptations and worries that you do. I’m my own weightloss hero and to be honest, it’s “the people” that keeps me inspired with this whole thing.

I appreciate each one of you who have told me that I’ve inspired them. The words you say to me makes me continue to be your weightloss hero. If I’m going to inspire others about living healthier and losing weight, then I must lead by example, right? Besides, would you take advice from someone who was trying to tell you how to grow a garden if they never grew one themselves? As a weightloss hero, like any other hero, I have weaknesses too. I’m human as well. I ask that while you’re on your weightloss plan, that you continue to pray for me as well. Thank you and goodluck to you all 🙂

Do you think the picture over to the right represents a healthy meal? Try eating that meal about once each day with no exercise or workouts and see how healthy it really is. Did you know that 1 pound is equal to 3,500 calories? Can you guess how many calories this meal shown in the picture has? It looks similar to a McDonald’s “Big Mac” meal right? Did you know that the McDonald’s Big Mac sandwich alone has 540 calories for the 7.5 oz burger?

What about the fries? An order of small fries is 231 calories. The medium Coca Cola drink that most of you get is 203 calories. So lets add the calories up for this one meal. Did you add it up yet? Yes you’re correct, this meal alone is roughly 974 total calories. Of course it’s more calories than that once you add in the chocolate chip cookie. You’re eating 1,000+ calories on this meal alone.

Some of you have high metabolisms and can eat this stuff everyday and never gain 1 pound. But for those people that gain weight easily like me, we have to watch what we eat. If you are one of the ones that gain weight easily, then eating this type of meal everyday with no exercise will lead your body to total destruction. Even if you do have a good metabolism, this is still unhealthy for your body. It may taste good, but truthfully, it’s bad for all of us.

 You’re probably asking yourself how do I know the calories in these food products. You may be thinking that I’m making those numbers up just to sound smart. Well, you’re wrong. I actually use a nice little unique website that many of you may find useful. If you’re looking for a great website that will tell you all the calories and nutrition facts on the foods you eat everyday, then the best site I’ve found is Calorie King. This is the site I used to tell you about the calories in a McDonald’s Big Mac meal.

It not only shows you the nutrition facts for different food products, but it also shows a small chart to give you an idea on how long it would take to burn off the food product exercising. For example, the site suggest that if you ate the McDonald’s 7.5 oz burger, you could burn if off in 150 minutes worth of walking. Joggers would be able to burn the burger off in 62 minutes, swimmers in 45 minutes, and 82 minutes for cyclers. The site also gives you an option to join the website to receive a more accurate calculation based on your measurements. Their rated a B+ with the BBB.

During my weightloss journey, I wasn’t off into recording intake calories. I simply just watched what I ate and did my workout. I was more concerned with how many calories I burned per day during my workout sessions. Sometimes, people get carried away and get a little too stressed trying to calculate everything they put into their bodies. Don’t make things too complex. Just simply watch what you eat and make sure you eat 3-5 healthy meals per day along with your workout plan. Sometimes people fail because they make things too complex.

You can overwhelm yourself trying to count every fiber, sodium, and protein elements you intake. Just concentrate on the main part which is the fat. STAY AWAY from products with a high “calories from fat” count. Don’t get me wrong. Your body needs calories. Calories are energy. But what you want to stay away from is “calories from fat.” If you see a product and it says it has 350 calories and calories from fat says 290, then I suggest you leave that product alone. But keep it simple and don’t make this hard for yourself.

Good luck to all of you and I hope that you have found this information useful 🙂

After successfully losing my 70 pounds in a year’s time, I never would of guessed that later that same year I would challenge myself to run the 2009 Detroit 26-Mile Marathon. I started my weightloss journey March 2008 and by the time October rolled around, I dropped my first 60 pounds. I happen to look at the Detroit Free Press newspaper one day in October and saw some big hype about a marathon held in Detroit each year during October. I had never in my life before thought about running a marathon. For some reason, I read the article and something inside of me clicked and said “you have to challenge yourself and run this race in 2009.” I was in no condition to run in 2008.

I continued my weightloss program and briefly told a few people including my parents and family that I was going to start training towards the 2009 Detroit Marathon. Everybody thought I was crazy when they found out a marathon is 26.2 miles long. Everybody probably was thinking that I was digging my own grave.

 Starting in November 2008, I began running short run events like 3k, 5k and 8k runs. Those runs were very challenging to me but I knew I had to stay strong since running a 26.2 marathon would require 20 times more stamina and 20 times more endurance, while being prepared mentally 60%. In a later blog, I will fully discuss more about the marathon and the events leading up to it. But right now, I would like to discuss how a goal was broken and repaired all at the same time.

 After completing the 2009 Marathon, I felt so invincible. I was untouchable. I felt like I could do anything in the world if I can put my mind to it. Besides, can you imagine running 26.2 miles? Easier said than done. It’s a true challenge and adventure indeed. This was the biggest challenge of my life and I accomplished my goal 🙂

A marathon is no joke at all. In fact, 3 people lost their lives in the 2009 Detroit Marathon. I send my condolences to their families and friends. People always ask me why do I wear my medal around my neck sometimes. Well, it’s because it’s a reminder for myself. It reminds me of my determination, strength and will power within to be able to do anything I place my mind on doing.

Crossing the finish line of a marathon is a honor and something to take true pride of. When I wear that medal, a new feeling comes on me and as I walk the streets and go into different places, I feel people’s eyes looking at me and staring at my chest. I’ve had people stop me and ask me about the medal, while others came up to me to congratulate me on my accomplishment. The medal puts me on top of the world. That’s the feeling that I get 🙂

After the marathon, I told myself I would rest and give myself a month off from dieting and exercising. Come to find out, that led to my fate. A month turned into 2 months, then 4, and then 6. By the time I looked up, nearly 10 months passed before I realized I picked up 40 pounds since the 2009 Marathon. My goal to run the 2010 Marathon now became a myth.

I was very disappointed in myself. I felt defeated. I told myself that I would be definitely ready to challenge myself for the 2010 marathon and improve my finishing time. But once I weighed myself and saw that 40 pounds sneaked up on me, I knew my goal was destroyed. There was no way I would be ready for the 2010 marathon in time. Mentally and physically, I was destroyed. Gaining weight back again made me feel like I let a lot of people down. Many people looked up to me from all over the world from seeing my weightloss pictures.

I wasn’t the “weightloss Rob” that everybody came to know from 2008-2009. I was nearly back to being the fat blob that I used to be. But something in August 2010 hit me and I had to remind myself of my determination, strength and will power. I saw my medal, and I remembered all the people that looked up to me. I didn’t want to let them down and more importantly….I didn’t want to let myself down.

I got back to my workout plan in August 2010 and by October 2010 I lost 23 quick pounds. I went from weighing 222 lbs to 199 lbs in just 2 short months. Now I’m back on track and feel good about claiming my throne again 🙂 The 2010 Marathon is 2 days from now and it burns me inside that I won’t be participating this year in the race. But the 2011 Detroit Marathon is mines!! and mark my words, I will be at the starting line, locked, loaded and ready.

I feel that my story from beginning to end is very inspiring. There’s so much more to my whole weightloss concept. I just want to share my experience with the world and hope to help somebody in the process.

I guess you can say I’m the Jared and Richard Simmons that haven’t been discovered yet. Go tell the world about Robert Davis from Michigan 🙂

It’s nothing like the first two weeks of your new weightloss journey. You’re facing a new obstacle, a new adventure, and a new challenge. I guarantee you that your first 2 weeks to a month will be the the hardest part of your new journey. Why is this? Below are some examples as to why you’re experiencing difficulty during the first 2 weeks:

1. It’s something new and your body is learning to adapt to this new change.

2. Mentally, you just may not be ready yet. Re-evaluate your decision and execute your plan.

3. Disstractions and obstacles are overwhelming.

4. You’re not staying consistent with your workout or your eating habits.

The first two weeks for me was very hard. It was something new for me. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into but I was determined to make it happen. I stayed focus and took it day by day. Let’s discuss the four points that I mentioned above in a little bit of detail, beginning with #1. Understand that you didn’t gain weight overnight, even though it felt like it. Also, understand that you will not lose the weight in 2 weeks either.

It takes the body at least 2-3 weeks to a month to even change over and adapt to your new journey. Everybody is different. Your body may adapt faster or slower than others, but regardless, you have to be patient. People fail with weightloss because they are not patient. They expect change to happen in the first 2 weeks. If you expecting sudden change to happen in 2 weeks, then I’m sorry to be the bad guy here but it’s not going to happen. No matter how hard you’ve worked out the first 2 weeks, understand that you are in the preparation stage. You’re preparing and telling your body that you want to drop weight and tone up. The first 2 weeks is geared towards this.

After this, then you can expect to see and feel change before your first 2 months. #2 statement deals with being mentally ready. Maybe you thought you were ready and come to find out, you really need to do some more evaluating. I will continue to say this: having a successful weightloss deals with being 60% mentally prepared and 40% physically ready. Go back and re-evaluate your goals, decision, and plan. Figure out if this is something you really want to do. Come up with some more goals and reasons why you want to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Also, you may need to adjust your plan. Regardless, DO NOT give up on yourself.

#3 will happen throughout the course of your weightloss career. I’m disstracted all the time even after two years and I’m pretty sure one of the greatest weightloss experts, “Richard Simmons” has ups and downs as well. We’re all human but DO NOT give up on yourself. If I can do it, YOU can do it. Obstacles will always approach you no matter what you do in life. There will always be obstacles that will test your faith. I said something similiar to this in my very first blog. You have to be strong. As I stated before, you may even be tested on Day 1. Be prepared at all times! Your closest friends and families may even be the root of these obstacles.

You have to know how to get over the hill and keep it pushing. This is something you’re doing for yourself. You’re the one that has to wake up every morning to a flabby stomach and chest. So what are you going to do to change this? It’s time we give those disstractions and obstacles a boot, don’t you think? 

#4 is probably the most important factors. Which is another reason people fail with weightloss is because they don’t stay consistent. Some people start off strong for a few days, then slack off towards the end of the first week. Then there are some that have inconsistent workouts and eating habits. You know your schedule better than me. PLEASE establish a schedule that will work around your current work schedule, etc. For example, if you work 9am-5pm, then set your workout schedule for anytime after 7pm. That gives you a 2 hour rest after work.

There’s 24 hours in a day. Most of us use 8 hours to work and 8 hours to sleep. What are you doing with the last 8 hours? If you do work 9am-5pm Monday through Friday, then workout each day after work beginning at 7pm. Give yourself the weekend off. This gives your body two days to rest and rejuvenate. Regardless of your schedule, try to workout the same days each week, roughly during the same times. This goes for your eating habits as well. Try to eat your 3-5 meals each day around the same time. This trains your body to be hungry only during those times. This technique cuts down on getting the muchies throughout the day.

Hopefully these few suggestions I’ve told you will help you get through your first two weeks and even months down the road. Use these techniques and incorporate them into your own plan. Advice from others will help you, trust me. Thank you and much success to you all 🙂

You’ve made a decision and you’ve established a plan, or have you? You may be sitting there wondering how to set up your own workout plan. Setting up a plan begins with you, a piece of paper, and a pen. When you’re trying to think of a plan, keep in mind these questions:

1. How fast I want to lose weight? Your goal date?

2. What’s your work schedule and how can I fit my workout into my daily life?

3. Am I going to join a gym or establish a home workout?

4. Am I willing to invest any money into my weightloss? example: foods? beverages? equipment? weightloss programs?  etc.

Let me share with you how I began to establish my plan. I knew my plan would begin in my home. My treadmill was collecting dust in the basement waiting for me to finally use it. On day 1, I wanted to test the waters and see my limits on the treadmill. I gave it about a 30-minute workout, pacing myself and testing the different speeds to get a feel on what I can and can’t do. I weighed close to 250 lbs and my body was in no condition to do any heavy cardio. I began my speed on the treadmill at 3.5 and at that time, that speed felt like a full run to me.

Day 1 on the treadmill made me feel like I was running with a ton of iron attached to my body. It was very hard! On my first day, I burnt a little over 300 calories in that 30-minute workout. I felt great after that workout. I told myself that I would concentrate on burning about 300-400 calories per day on the treadmill in a 30-45 minute workout session 5-6 days per week. On top of this, I said I would eat 3-5 healthy meals per day.

So that was my beginning plan! Something very simple and back then, that was a very intense workout for me. Of course now, burning 300 calories total in one workout session is child’s play for me now.

But it takes a while and hard work to burn the kind of calories I burn now. You can see some examples on “My Workout Plan” page. Today, I burn 1,000+ calories on the treadmill in only an hour per day, 5-6 days a week. I have trained my body for over two years for this kind of workout. I highly DO NOT recommend any of you to start out trying to do this. Burning 1,000+ calories in a hour is equivalant to running about 6 miles in an hour. This is very intense for beginners who is just beginning their weightloss journey.

I have trained for over two years now, from losing 70 lbs in a year’s time, to training for a 26-mile marathon. In other words, PLEASE START SMALL and work your way to running big runs and burning more calories.

Believe it or not, there have been days where I have burnt 3,000 and 4,000 calories in a day’s time. Sounds superficial but that is how much push, will power and drive I have. How did I do this? I simply worked out 3-4 times in a given day. I would wake up in the morning and burn 1,000 then go back in the early afternoon and burn another 1,000. Then in the evening, I may have burnt another 1,000 and if I had one more ounce of energy in me, I would do another run near midnight.

Did I do this everyday? NO!! It’s impossible but I tried something like this from time to time and from what you see on my pictures, it paid off 🙂

My workout plan has dramastically changed since day 1. Your plan will change as well. It’s neccessary to upgrade your workout every 2-3 months. If this is too soon, develop your own upgrade pace. The body will get used to you doing the same workout and if you want to continue to drop weight, then you’re going to need to do a little upgrading from time to time. But overall, whatever your workout plan is. make sure you start small first. Success takes time and it will not happen overnight.

If your plan includes running your local track, then start out running 20-25 minutes. If you have to stop and rest from time to time, then please do. As time progress, you will be able to run the whole time without stopping. When I first started, my 30-minute workout plan included running every 4 minutes and walking the 5th minute (run 4 minutes, walk 1 minute). Now, I’ve developed myself to run the treadmill 1-2 hours straight without stopping for a walk. Be patient with your body, your success will come as well. It takes TIME!

Good luck with your plan and remember: start small and be patient, it takes time.

Now that you’ve made a decision, now it’s time to establish a plan.  Success starts with having an original plan. That’s is what I did Friday March 7, 2008. I set up a plan for myself and told myself that I was going to start my diet and workout plan on March 10,2008. I took a notebook and began a weightloss journal. Inside that journal included my starting weight, what I ate day to day (snacks and beverages included), and my daily workout. In order to make your plan successful, you must be mentally prepared when day 1 approaches.

Some people try to go on a diet in the next hour or starting later in the day. For example, you may have heard people say, “after I eat this meal, I’m going on a diet,” or “I can’t take it no more, I’m going on a diet right now.” I highly recommend to have a plan and start your diet a few days later. Why? One reason is that it allows you to get prepared mentally. Remember, having a successful weightloss plays a major part on if a person is mentally prepared. Another reason to wait a few days before starting is because it gives you a few days to get all your taste buds out your mouth. Take those few days to eat last minute fat foods and sweets. My second reason will get you 70% prepared while the remaining 30% results in your decision, will power, and determination.

My plan was simple. It’s not hard you guys. Start with a simple plan and then change the plan as you progress during your weightloss journey. I was unemployed at the time so I knew joining a gym was out the question for me. Luckily, I had access to a treadmill in my basement. For those of you who don’t have equipment or is not able to join a gym, I recommend running and walking at your local park, or around in the neighborhood. There is no excuse. It’s all about how bad you want this for yourself. If you want it bad enough, you will make a way.

I agree with Tara Taghizadeh in the article she wrote about people are starting to rely on online-fitness rather than trainers and gym memberships. Besides, the way the current economy is, who wants an extra monthly bill. Most trainers charge $300.00-$500.00 and more per month. That is outrageous. You’re basically paying for another car note or another apartment. Imagine keeping that money in your pocket every month. There’s so much free information online from certified weightloss experts that would serve you just as well. Even, if you decide to buy a $30.00 weightloss ebook, it beats paying for a $30-$50 monthly gym membership. There are some facilities that are now offering $10 monthly memberships with no money down and no contracts. Now that’s more up like it 🙂

In Tara’s article, she also states that a recent report by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows that more than two-thirds of the U.S. states have obesity rates of 25% or higher. That fact stuck out to me and it should inspire everybody to establish a plan so that you can say you’re not a part of that percentage. She also talks about online-fitness programs. These are good too but make sure before you spend your money on a program, you do research on the product and check great sources for reviews. But don’t get too stressed out on picking a plan. Make up your own plan. That’s what I did. I lost my first 60 lbs in my basement before I went and joined a gym.

When you establish your plan, make sure its a plan you can see yourself doing everyday at least 4-6 times per week. Do not try and burn yourself out day 1. Remember, this is a plan, and a plan takes time before you can claim success.


1. You will not lose weight overnight, nor in a few days.

2. It’s going to take you at least 2 months before you start seeing results.

3. Take a before picture on Day 1. If you don’t pay attention to nothing else on this list please pay attention to #3. A before picture is a must and I’ll ellaborate more in a minute.

4. Be prepared to be tested along the way. You may even be tested on day 1.

5. Do not weigh yourself everyday, it will destroy you mentally. I recommend weighing yourself every 2 months.

6. Start a daily journal and review your journal at the end of the week. Use it for evaluation and things you can improve on for the upcoming weeks.

7. Start small, establish a reasonable workout plan and as you progress, then upgrade your workout.

8. Establish a balanced diet 3-5 meals a day. Lets train the body to only get hungry when it’s suppose to be hungry. Do this by trying to eat around the same time each day.

9. X the days off on your calender as inspiration to keep going. Have your “before” picture hanging somewhere in your room as a reminder of your goals.

10. Stay consistent.

#3 is one of the most important facts. It’s one of the only reasons why I was successful with my weightloss. I worked out hard and I put in so much work my first two months of my weightloss experience. But to me, I felt no different and I looked the same and wearing the same clothes. But people were telling me that it looked like I was losing weight. I didn’t believe these people until I snapped my updated photo of myself and from that point I began to believe and each month I increased my workout. A year later, I claimed victory and now I’m here to share my experience and knowledge to you. I wish you all the best while establishing your plan.